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Natalie Garay Yoga Retreat

Natalie Garay is a Master Certified Pilates Educator and a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner who specializes in Cesarean Section Recovery and Pelvic Floor strengthening.  Natalie has been teaching Pilates for almost 12 years. She’s worked with post-operative patients, athletes, and clients of all ages.  

As a solo-mamapreneur of a 3 teenage daughters, she keeps her sanity by moving her body daily. She believes that consistent body movement along with Flower Essence Therapy is the catalyst to creating sparkle in mind, body, and soul. She strives to help other mamas rehabilitate after childbirth physically and emotionally through her Virtual Pilates sessions and Wellness Courses, she also sees Private clients at her Pilates studio in CA. Get tips about rehabbing after baby on The Pilates Mama blog at ,


September 28th-October 2nd of 2016

What will you be doing?

What is included: 

- 4 day, 3 night stay  
- Chef-prepared lunches & dinners

          (accommodates gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan & many other dietary needs) 
- Fully stocked kitchen with self-serve breakfast, snacks & bottled water 
- Transport to & from airport 
- 6 classes (AM & PM practices) 
- 60 minute Private Flower Essence session (prior to arrival)

- 45 minute One on One follow up Flower Essence Session

- 1/2 bottle of a Custom Flower Essence Formula 
- Massage 
- Pre-trip Skype meeting with Natalie
- Bag of goodies to enhance your stay


Investment:  5 day/ 4 night stay


More about this investment: 

Movement & Mindfulness:

A Pilates & Flower Essence Retreat

The combination of Pilates and Flower Essences is a remarkable healing duo. While movement itself can heal the physical and emotional body, adding energetic Flower Essences to your movement practice restores, heals, and calms your mind and body.


During our retreat we will stretch and strengthen the whole body with gentle Mat Pilates practices for all levels. We’ll add more emphasis on the hips, and deep abdominal muscles in order to strengthen your abdominals and pelvic floor, which will relieve low backaches and pain, plus move and awaken lower chakra energy.


During your stay, you’ll receive a 45-minute Private Flower Essence session with me where you’ll learn about Flower Essences and how they can help heal the physical and emotional body. We’ll chat about how Flower Essences can best support you. I’ll then create a custom Flower Essence Formula for you upon return and mail it to you.  (Flower Essences are homeopathic flower dilutions that heal the subtle body on an energetic and cellular level.)


Our stay at beautiful Villa Karaway falls on a New Moon, which gives us a great opportunity to reflect, reset, and set intentions.  We’ll spend time journaling in the mornings to help with this process.


You’ll have plenty of down time to enjoy the area, relax, and rejuvenate.

Open to all levels. No Pilates experience needed.


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