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Kim May 

Kim May was raised in Colorado with an outdoor lifestyle.

She found yoga when playing competitive sports in high school as a way to achieve greater results from her body. Through college it became her main source of exercise because it did not hurt her knees and joints. While living in Breckenridge, yoga became an everyday routine. After working long days and skiing, she found yoga helped to maintain her energy and flexibility. Yoga has been a way to center her mind and body. It teaches her to appreciate and cherish the little things in life. Kim truly believes that if you have an open heart and mind, there is something in yoga for everyone.

Zaphne Kemp

Zaphne grew up on a ranch in eastern Colorado. She enjoyed being with animals, living in nature, and competing in sports. Her upbringing around nature and animals taught her that we are all connected. Every being plays an important role. Zaphne was accepted to the University of Denver and began her undergraduate studies in marketing and finance in the fall of 2004. It was there that she took her first yoga class. After completing her MBA from DU Zaphne spent years struggling with balance while working in the corporate world.  It wasn’t until she committed to her yoga and meditation practice that things in her life began to change.


She describes Yoga as the vehicle for miracles, which help her get to where she wants to go. She finds strength and grounding in her practice and it is essential to her on-going happiness. She completed her 200 hour Teacher Training Certification at ONE Yoga in the fall of 2013 followed shortly by a certification in Restorative Yoga in January 2014. She enjoys being a life long student and continues to explore her practice through enrichment activities, workshops and festivals.


Zaphne's goal as a teacher is to share the power of yoga and meditation for mind, body, and spirit. She encourages students to find the simplicity in the now and connect to their true self. She describes restorative yoga as a 'life hack' because of its amazing ability to reset body and mind.

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