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Villa Karaway Guest Arrival Information


Click HERE for the Arrival Form. Please fill out at least 5 days before your stay. 

(Order your food in advance and your refrigerator will be stocked and ready for you!)

Thanks for booking with us!


This document should answer any questions you may have about Villa Karaway. If not, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Be sure to visit our website at or check us out on Facebook!

Reminder about our staff:  Elba, Gloria, and Enrique work hard Monday - Saturday, unless you request other arrangements in advance. If you arrive on a Sunday, our friendly staff will be there preparing for your arrival. If so, we will coordinate with you on giving them another day off during your stay.

This guide will make your visit to Villa Karaway and Puerto Vallarta more enjoyable. If at any time you have any questions, please contact us!













































About us

The name “Karaway” is derived by combining my parents names, Karen and Wayne. We put our name on our property showing that we stand by our pledge to you.
Our main email is
Hillary Shepperd, Manager 720-422-2216
Enriqué Perez (Kiki), English-speaking manager/concierge
He can be reached via his cell phone. Dial 011-52-322-135-0619 internationally. He uses WhatsApp and that is a great way to get ahold of him. 
Villa Karaway Address:
Los Palmares, Unit #104, Highway to Mismaloya (Highway 200) KM 6.5, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

CLICK HERE for the Los Palmares website.
Direct phone numbers:

• From US and Canada: (720) 285-1905 (this is like making a long-distance call in the US) -OR-
• Dial 011-52-322-221-5800 (international long distance from all countries except for Mexico.)
Security Deposit:

We have your card on file for this security deposit. We reserve the right to charge what was stated when you booked. This is for any kind of damages. The house will be inspected after you check out.
NOTE: Please obey ALL condo rules.  You are given the most current rules when checking in at the front desk.

Bedrooms and bedroom names
For your convenience (and for fun), we have named our four bedrooms. The names (beginning with the bottom bedroom and going up the stairs, down the hallway) are:

• The Sea – el Mar – two twin beds (we can put these together to make a king, please be sure to ask for this request before arriving.)
• Clouds – Nubes – one king and one queen
• The Sun – el Sol – two queens
• Heaven – Cielo – one king

These names will come in handy when assigning bedrooms. There are tile plaques beside each bedroom showing the name. To help remember the names, think of beginning at the sea and walking up to heaven, where you will pass the clouds and then the sun.
We suggest that upon retiring for the night you close the bedroom doors. This is especially true for el Mar. It lives up to its name by an occasional crab visitor if the door is not shut.

Before Arrival

Please complete the “Guest Arrival and Menu Info” form 3-5 days before your arrival. You should have received this form through airbnb messenger. If not, please contact Hillary to request the form. Or please simply go to the URL link at the top of this page.
This form gives information about what kind of food you would like stocked in the fridge pon arrival and your meals for day 1 and 2. You can specify the rest of your meals upon arrival.
Upon Arrival – Puerto Vallarta

Plane lands in Puerto Vallarta and you have four distinct tasks: 1) Immigration; 2) Customs; 3) get pesos and 4) Taxi to the villa.
First comes immigration. You should EACH have filled out the immigration form on the airplane (both upper and lower). They will give the lower back to you and hang onto it since you will need it to exit the country - or pay $50. With passport and immigration form firmly in hand (loosely works too), exit the plane and follow the [unfortunately long] lines. Officials will ask to see your form along the way to immigration to make sure you have filled it out completely. Step up to the immigration counter when it is your turn and present the form and your passport. They will stamp the form in three places and give you back your passport and the lower portion of the form to keep. I normally tuck it inside my passport.
Next comes customs. You should have filled out a declarations form on the plane - ONE PER FAMILY. After immigration, put your passport away safely and proceed to claim your bags. Then stand in the long line and await your turn to press the button as you hand over your family declaration form. Green means you are ready to exit, red means they will go through your bags.
Now for the third task - getting money. DO NOT allow the folks asking if you need directions or a taxi or if you want to check out what to do in Puerto Vallarta distract you. Say “No thanks” and keep on walking through the maze. You will know when you exit because there will be a bank of about 7 different ATMs from various banks along the right hand wall. I used my Schwab debit card and withdrew 4,000 pesos (the withdrawal is in pesos and NOT in USD). The exchange rate is 19 to 20 peso to the dollar. So I basically got out $200 USD in pesos.
OK - armed with your luggage and money, go outside and go to the taxi stand where you will see guys holding yellow taxi signs. Go there and not some fly by night guy. Pay in pesos for the cab (he will ask you) because if you say USD, they give a terrible exchange rate. Tell him you are going to Los Palmares in Playa Punta Negra - he will know where that is (he may even say Mismaloya). The cab ride for two of us to Villa Karaway from the airport was $400 pesos (about $20 USD). Tip the guy at the curb a couple of USD and get in the cab. Before you leave the airport, you will have to fork over the $400 pesos. Not to worry - it is regulated. I tipped the guy 50 pesos once we arrived.
That is it. Great food and drink will be awaiting your arrival.
Upon Arrival at Villa Karaway – Los Palmares
After taking in your initial ocean view, check in with the lobby and tell them that you have arrived and are guests in Unit 104. They will have you sign a guest book along with an acknowledgment of rules and policies.
The lobby is on the street level which is actually the fifth floor of the high-rise. Proceed to the elevator past the lobby and go down to floor 1. Upon arrival on floor 1 turn right and go down the outside hall to the very end. Your entrance
way will be a blue iron gate. The lock is electro-mechanical. The code to all doors is 3350. Just to the right of Karaway’s entrance-way is the exercise room to be enjoyed by all of the owners and guests of Los Palmares. If you want to use this room, please ask for a key at the front desk, and return after your use. Guests can use the facility any day after 12 pm.
The Palapa the on-site restaurant. It is open for breakfast and lunch from 9-4, Monday through Saturday, and 10-close on Sundays. It is closed on holidays. When you are presented the bill, sign the bill and please clear the bill before check out at the front desk. Cash is not accepted except for the tip. A cash tip is expected when the service is rendered.
Staff/Food Info


Our property manager is Enriqué Perez. He has been with us since 2001 and can be reached via his home, 293-6832 or on his cell phone at 044-322-429-8227 ( Please call him if anything needs attention. He can be incredibly helpful for any activities during your stay in Puerto Vallarta, including real estate shopping!

Ana - The Villa Maid

Our maid's name is Ana. She is a wonderful, extremely hard worker who started with us in 2021 but has been our backup maid and a maid for the condo building that we are attached to. She knows the villa very well. Her duties include cleaning the entire villa and keeping your towels clean and dry. She reports to work around 9 am and will let herself in. Ana is dependable and trustworthy. Bed sheets will only be cleaned once per week, unless they become dirty sooner or you ask for them to be cleaned. Ana usually goes home around 5.

ELBA - The Villa Chef

We have an exquisite chef. Her name is Elba. She has been with us since 2003. You will not be disappointed in her cooking! Please fill out the arrival form in advance with your requested menu for at least the first few days of your visit. Elba will cook two meals per day. Therefore, she will cook breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, or breakfast and dinner. Please do not ask her to cook three meals per day unless you pay her extra and reimburse for a taxi ride. Of course, you can only have her cook one meal or no meals per day. That is your decision. If you didn't choose all inclusive, after the last meal of the day, Elba will present you with receipts for her food shopping. Please pay her at this time. You’ll find the first bill to be larger than the others (unless you subsequently order shrimp or lobster) because she needs to purchase food to “stock the refrigerator.” You might also find a charge for a taxi trip, because with many bags, it is impossible for her to take the bus.  Remember- If you chose to pay for all-inclusive, you will not have to pay these food bills.
The bread and pastry is fantastic, so make sure to try some. Other items provided: We have a coffee maker, but not a coffee grinder. There is a microwave, blender, juicer, dishwasher, and toaster. We strive to make you as comfortable at Villa Karaway as you would be in your own home.
You are welcome to use all of the facilities in the kitchen. We have a large coffee maker, microwave, blender, juicer and standard kitchen equipment.

Please make sure that the pantry is closed before retiring for the night. The door can be locked but we suggest you leave it unlocked. If it is locked, a key is located to the left of the door in the small baskets hanging from the door or in a basket on the bookshelf.

Suggested tipping

Our staff’s pay is included in your rental fee. Both Gloria and Elba are expecting tips. Suggested tips range from $10 to $20 (US dollars) per day for each of the help. This is just a suggestion and they appreciate any kind of tip from the group. 
Enriqué would also appreciate a tip for any special services rendered such as restaurant reservations, activities, airport pick-ups/drop offs.
Please note that Ana speaks some English. Elba speaks more English. You can also call Enriqué for help. However, if you do not speak Spanish, you'll find that you can still communicate effectively. Try out some words - and have fun! We also have a few reference books on Puerto Vallarta. Please be respectful and leave the books for others to enjoy. There are business cards in this book that people have left for suggestions on where to go. If you would like, please add any other business cards to this collection.

What to Bring

While many supplies can be purchased in Puerto Vallarta, you might consider bringing the following:

Suntan lotion Insect repellant Anti-itch medication (1) Sweater, Camera, Sandals, Bathing suits, Snorkeling gear, Shampoo/Conditioner
Reading materials, Sun Hat/Sunglasses/Sunscreen, if you plan to go see the night clubs in town bring some fun outfits!

Notes: There is a smart TV in the main living room, you can use Netflix on this TV. 
(2) Some people might not think warmer clothes are necessary. They are, especially in the winter. We are on the water and it can get a bit cool in the evening or early morning, especially if you are sporting a sunburn.

Internet access

Please bring your own computer or tablet. You can use your own computer to get online via a high speed wireless connection. To log on, select the Villa Karaway network. The password is “karawayrocks!” (without quotes) Los Palmares also has a wireless connection called Palmanet. You can get the Palmnet access code at the front desk. Both connections are provided at no charge. Keep in mind that Villa Karaway is made of concrete, which makes wifi signals difficult to receive in some parts of the Villa. 

You are welcome to use the safes that are in all rooms. You are responsible for the keys that are with the safes. If you lose the key, we will have to charge you to replace the safe and or damage. Please do not lose the keys
Ceiling fans

All rooms have ceiling fans. A white remote control that should be in the room with the fan controls them. The switch must be on before the remote control will work. You might have to “experiment” with the wall switch because more than one switch can control the fans in the dining room, living room, and porch area. These fans can do a wonderful job of cooling the room. Please try them before, or in conjunction with, using the air conditioning system.

There is a washer and dryer in Villa Karaway and others are located behind the large palapa by the restrooms of the large pool area. Ordinarily, guests are responsible for cleaning their own laundry. You can request that Gloria do your laundry, but please consider an additional tip if she assists.

For entertainment, Villa Karaway has five TVs (one in each bedroom and one in the living room), some with DVD players. There is also a CD player in the dining room and a CD player in the master bedroom. Please bring your favorite movies or CDs. We do have some movies and CDs on-site, and, of course, we request that you leave these at Villa Karaway. There are two stereos in the dining/living room each with an iPod connector, so bring your iPod music collection. The main TV is a flat panel 50” 1080p full high definition TV. In addition, there is a blue-ray DVD system. We have hundreds of TV channels via a satellite system on the living room and master bedroom TV. The other TVs receive the standard Los Palmares complex stations.
Bluetooth Speakers

We have two Bluetooth Speakers in the Villa. Please leave these speakers in the living room. They are here so that everyone is able to enjoy them. They both have an AUX plug in so if your device doesn’t work with Bluetooth then you can hook up that way. We have at least one AUX cord
— please leave it at Villa Karaway so everyone can enjoy these speakers.

There is a Google Home please leave this in the kitchen/living room area. Please feel free to use for music, translate and get info about Puerto Vallarta! 

The pool in front of the porch is your private pool to enjoy. No one else has access to this pool. Here are a few tips to keep the pool in top shape.
The pumps and filter are located on the south side (left, when facing the ocean) of the pool. All equipment is on a timer. It turns on in the morning and off around dinner time. If you have a problem, or want the water warmer, please ask the staff to assist you. Please try to rinse all sand off before entering the pool. A faucet is located on the steps coming into the patio. There is a much larger pool for your enjoyment. This is shared with the Los Palmares Resort. No glass containers are allowed at anytime. Please limit food around this pool. We provide numerous beach towels. No need to bring any towels with you!



The Beach and the Ocean

No beach in Mexico is private. However, many developments try to make it difficult for people to reach the beach in front of their property. So is the case at Los Palmares. You’ll find others enjoying the beach out front, but it should not be crowded. The picture to the right is the Los Palmares beach at sunset. This picture was taken just to the side of the porch and pool of Villa Karaway.
There are two gates between the Los Palmares complex and the ocean. They have a key code lock. Please check with the front desk for the current lock combination.

Los Palmares has a man made reef off of the shore. This protects our sandy beach. It also provides for a semi-protected swimming area. Great surf can be found on either side of this reef.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are available. You are welcome to bring your mask and snorkel. Close by you can snorkel the man made reef, the Los Arcos area, or better yet, take a tour.


Los Palmares has a water filtration and purification system. This system is located on our grounds. You can safely drink from the tap. However, DO NOT drink from the lawn watering taps. Water is monitored and tested monthly.
This purification system is expensive and therefore the water here is expensive. Fresh, clean potable water is precious in Mexico; so please try to conserve.
Pillow closet

We strive to exceed your expectations in many ways. One such effort is to have a pillow closet in the Los Nubes bedroom. Upon arrival, test out the pillow on your bed. If it is not satisfactory – too hard, too soft, too big, too small; then check out this closet and switch pillows. Also, use as many pillows as you like. There should be additional pillow covers in this closet, please use a pillowcase. Bathroom and Jacuzzi tub in the master (Heaven-Cielo)

All of the bedrooms are air conditioned. Electricity in Mexico is VERY expensive! Please help us conserve so we can keep our rental rates reasonable. Use common sense. If you are not in a room, please do not operate the air conditioning. When in the room, please also use the ceiling fans to help circulate the air and do not open windows if the air conditioning is on. Turn off lights when not in use. Thank you for your consideration.
If at any time you have any questions, please contact us! 

Our (and your) neighbors

Los Palmares is in a complex that contains 31 other vacation homes. Even though Villa Karaway seems to be its own separate community, it is not. We share all of the facilities with the other condo units. Please enjoy. While enjoying, keep mind that we want to be good neighbors. Many are our friends. The last thing we want is to come to Puerto Vallarta and hear about the bad behavior of a guest. So, please, use your common sense and be courteous. This includes not being loud late at night or in the morning and public nudity. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Late check-in/out will be an additional $100 fee PER HOUR. Late check-in/out may not be available depending on the schedule and time of year. Failure to obtain permission for late check-in/out will result in a $500 fine.

Have questions? Please contact Hillary Shepperd!

Hillary Shepperd at 720-422-2216

Our Pledge to YOU – We want you to be 100% satisfied with your stay! Not only do we want you back, but this is your vacation and you paid your hard earn dollars to enjoy Mexico and Villa Karaway.  We are here to make sure that your stay is complete enjoyment.


Tile floors are very slippery when wet...

 Please be careful!



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