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Channing Yoga Retreat

February 22nd - 27th 2016

Channing's being revolves around yoga and its principles. She has studied numerous styles and infuses them in her teaching.


Channing finds it beautiful to watch and help her students grow into their awareness of the practice within them. She loves to play and discover pathways for the body to communicate to the practitioner. She has a knack for placing the body into an intelligent and inspiring sequence that is never repeated twice.


She has her BS in Health and Exercise Science with a Masters of Herbology. She is also a Reiki Master, Healing Touch and Lahochi Practitioner. She travels and teaches in Denver and Maui. Channing can be found via for your on the go classes or mentoring yoga teachers who feel they need more.


You can reach her at :




Seaside Mexico Retreat!

Need a reason to take time for yourself?


How about:

1) Weather:


Feb? Really? Unless you're snowboarding in the mountains, take the time to refresh and lively up yourself in the mid 70's with sunshine, sand, gentle breezes, and a dip in the sea.

2) Food:


Fresh, life-enhancing, homemade cuisine 3x/ day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner

3) People:


Join the like minded, kick it with your friends, meet new ones, indulge in what it is to commune. This retreat is limited to a max of 12 so be sure to reserve your space!

4) Bodywork and Dolphins.


That's right. A massage is included and so is an excursion to swim with dolphins. How often do you come across that opportunity?!

What to Expect:


  • 2 daily classes with lots of hands on assists

  • Healthy delicious meals

  • Amazing people with a small group for more personalized attention

  • Restoration for body, mind, and soul

  • Personal transportation to and from the villa on days of airport travel

  • FUN!

Each morning we will start with an invigorating practice overlooking the sea with a nourishing meal to follow, allowing plenty of time for you to enjoy the day at your leisure. After dinner we will wind down with a restorative practice. I've included 1 excursion and a massage in your total package while leaving plenty of time for you to explore your own activities and nap time. Want more? Just ask! Villa Karaway has multiple options available to make your retreat the perfect get away.


A private villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,

tucked away yet convenient to town


Feb 22-27, 2016

Your Journey Includes:

  • 2 daily practices with lots of assists to get you deeper into your practice and your body

  • 3 meals/day (tailored to dietary needs if specified)

  • 6 days 5 nights accommodations

  • Personal airport shuttle to and from for your safety and peace of mind

  • 1 day excursion to swim with dolphins

  • 1 massage for 60 mins

  • Small group for personalized attention and comfort 

Each room is equipped with:


Private Full Bathrooms, Ocean sounds and a luxurious sleep. All the rooms are very big and have plenty of space for you and others. Please click here for more descriptions of each room. 

Investment Info:

Total cost of all inclusive retreat: $2400 (airfare not included)


Payment plans are available!

Are you a yoga teacher looking for more? 


Channing has designed a private mana 🔺mentorship tailored for you to step into your Passion for teaching with Purpose and Authority. 

This is a one time offer- sign up for the mentorship and come on the retreat, room and board as well as an extra day included!! This program is tailored to you to gain confidence in the seat as teacher.


You will learn:

*Comfortable intuitive assists (dive right in on the retreat! This is an opportunity to learn while relaxing by the sea)
*Authentic voice -> themes
*Passive vs active language so you can actually impact your students in multiple ways
*Advanced sequencing
*Business of
*2 electives of your choice (this is YOUR time after all)

What to expect:
3 months of individualized attention in teaching skills
2, 3hr sessions/week together (practice teaching, Q&A, exploration)
1, 1hr session for discussion of goals, expectations, and needs
The Mana🔺Mentorship is limited to 5 people. 

Total cost: $3000 cash or check (payment options available)
Please contact Channing for more details!



Please fill out the Yoga Retreat Inquiry below and Hillary and/or Karen will contact you. If you would like to contact her before filling the inquiry out first please feel free but we will need you to fill this form out before paying your deposit. Hillary is our Yoga Retreat Coordinator. After booking you will receive a confirmation email and soon you will be contacted by Channing to discuss concerns and expectations. 


Hillary Contact INFO: . Cell - 720-422-2216

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